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Dekho hamara

Prep Time:

12 hrs

Cook Time:

1 Hour


Ranchi is known for stunning and gorgeous Waterfalls


Jonha Falls, Ranchi Overview
Plunging from a height of about 45 meters, the Johna Falls are surrounded in a canopy of plush dense trees and thick shrubbery. The holy waters of River Ganga and River Raru come together to form these giant roaring falls. They are also known as the Gautamdhara Falls because of a Buddhist shrine that lies in proximity to the falls.

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Dasham Falls, Ranchi OverviewLocated near the Taimara village in the Ranchi district, Dasham Falls, also known as Dassam Falls, is a spectacular waterfall in the state of Jharkhand which is a tributary of the Subarnarekha River. Cascading down a height of 144 ft., the waterfall boast of utter serenity, peace and calm. The area surrounding the spot is engulfed in rich greenery, that makes it an ideal picnic place in the region. To reach the spot, you will have to climb a flight of stairs. You can also stop in between and stare at the gorgeous scenery surrounding it.The waterfall is basically a Nick Point, also known as Knick Point, which means that it has been developed over the years due to the break in the rocky slopes in a longitudinal manner. For the same reason, it is not ideal to swim or to step into the water as the current is strong and the ground is uneven. Other than that, region echoes with the gurgling sound of water which is like music to the ears, and is perfect to relax and rejuvenate.

Read More on Dasham FallsEtymology of Dasham Falls The word Dasham or Dassam is a derivative of the mundari language word ‘Da: song’ which means the process of pouring water. ‘Da:’ means water and ‘song’ meaning ‘pouring’. Formerly, the name Da: song, however, over the years, it came to be called Dasham or Dassam.Best Time to Visit The best time to visit the Dasham Falls is between the months of July and March, especially at the time of the rainy season. During the monsoons, the place is engulfed in a green carpet and the water gurgles and flows in all its majesty and glory. You can also visit here during the winter season but the waterfall dries up during summers. So, it is advisable not to plan a trip at that time.H

ow to Reach The waterfall is located 40 km away from Ranchi on the Ranchi-Jamshedpur highway i.e. NH 33. Public transport is not available to the place so you will have to hire a private vehicle to reach here.