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Empress of the Seas for us is a Dream that we flaunt and live by.There's nothing more exhilarating than watching thid maiden allure each one of you with her magnificence .Once on board ,you'd be assured with thorough enthusiasm of her vessel's charms,not to mention her closeness with nature that  further keeps you on your heels.With exquisite  meals.fantatic shows extravagant activities to be part of and so forth ,there's no end to the thrill, when it comes to cursing with Empress of the SEAS.Anyone can enjoy and have a blast on board,there's no substantial age

      The ship was initially ordereral d by Admi  ral Cruises and later incorporated   into the Royal Caribbean Fleet .After sailing the Bahamas and The Caribbean .The Empress will be crusing the WEST and the EAST Coast Liner,CORDELIA  CRUISES by Waterway Tourism PVT LTD .It offers onshore Destination and excursions across INDIAN PORT cities  such as Mumbai,Chennai,Kochi,Mormugoa,Vizag
Lakshadeep and  international  destination such as Sei Lanka WITH NEW DESTINATION being added the major sailing of Cordelia Cruises are Mumbai to Lakshadweep cruise,Mumbai to Diu cruise,Chennai to Galle Cordelia Cruise and Chennai to Maldives Cruise and Chennai Trincomalee Cruise .However its Mumbai to Goa cruise id the most popular.Once on board ,the ship assures you a gamut of warm greeting stupendous hospitality homely cruises and what not. Furthernore  there no end to the offering that cater to our natiional  and international needs

Cordelia Cruisesfurther  aim  to create memorable time on borad for vacationers ,corporates ,wedding planners and event organizer's  always offering new experience Heres to dreaming exuberant and astonishing.